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Types of Meningitis

How Does a Person Get Meningitis?

Meningitis is a condition where there is an inflammation of the protective membranes which covers the brain and spinal cord. This can be caused by either bacteria or viral infection. This can be life-threatening as it is an inflammation which happens close to the brain and spinal cord. This can affect anyone of any age but if you are between the ages of 50 – 65 then you are at a higher risk. Meningitis can occur quickly in the body which is why you should be on the look out for the signs and symptoms of meningitis. Hence, there are different types of meningitis and the treatment for them are all different since the cause for it must be known to treat it.

What are the Types of Meningitis?

Meningitis is not only caused by a bacteria or a viral infection but certain injuries, cancer, drugs and others can be a cause for meningitis. The different types of meningitis are,

● Bacterial meningitis –
This type of meningitis is a deadly one and would require immediate attention once the symptoms or signs have been identified. The germs can be spread through the food and this depends on the type of bacteria that contains the germ.

● Viral meningitis –
This type of meningitis is less deadly than bacterial meningitis and you can usually get better on your own if you have a normal immune system. This can be spread to other people,
especially if you are in close contact with them.

● Fungal meningitis –
This type of meningitis is a rare one and it happens when people have inhaled fungal spores from the environment. People who are at higher risk are ones who have conditions such as
diabetes, HIV, and cancer.

● Parasitic meningitis –
There are certain parasites that can be a cause of meningitis and affect the nervous system and the brain to an extent. This type of meningitis is less common than viral or bacterial meningitis.

How to Treat Meningitis

How you can treat this condition called meningitis, depends on the type of meningitis that you or someone you know has. There is also a meningococcal vaccine that you should take and thus, you can be protected from the different types of meningitis that are there at present.

Bacterial meningitis should be treated immediately with the appropriate medications. Again, this all depends on the type of bacteria that is the cause of meningitis.

Viral meningitis will typically improve on its own within several weeks. It is always best to identify the signs and symptoms, even the cause of meningitis too if possible. If you feel that you are having the signs of meningitis then you should speak to a medical professional and seek immediate attention.


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