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Ways to Remember to Take Your Medication

Compliance Packaging at Valley Ridge Pharmacy

Do you or someone you know frequently forget to take medications? Do you continue to take your medicines at the wrong time? If the answer to both of these questions are yes, Valley Ridge Pharmacy is there to assist you. In order to support you in living a healthy and active life, we offer compliance packaging and guidance. To help patients stick to their medication schedule, compliance packaging involves grouping all of the medications into blister packs or pouches. At Valley Ridge Pharmacy, we categorize the medications by dose, day of the week, and time of day. This makes it simpler for patients to take the right medication at the right time.

It has been proved that using compliance packages actually decreases medication mistakes. This clears up any ambiguity surrounding issues like how many, when, and how often to take your medicines. If you look at an effective compliance package, you will be able to know right away if you have trouble remembering to take your medicine or can’t recall if you did.

Who Benefits From Compliance Packaging?

It can be difficult to remember to take a particular medicine several times daily or it can be challenging to remember to take numerous medications at different times throughout the day. Compliance packaging then turns into a simple system for managing a person’s medication regimen. People who are greatly affected by compliance packaging are those who have many medicines to take daily and at different times during the day, patients with ongoing medication treatment for chronic medical conditions, patients who have a complicated medication schedule or who take multiple medications

3 Easy Ways To Remember Taking Your Medications

It may require some time to adjust to remember to take medicine if it has just been prescribed to you. Also, if you’ve been taking medications for a while, they could have become a routine that you may have forgotten to take your dose. So, here are a few tips on how you can remember to take your medications instead of compliance packaging:

1. To keep track of your medications and when you need to get them refilled, use a calendar. You can also contact our pharmacists at Valley Ridge Pharmacy if you’re running low on a prescription so
they can be filled before they’re all gone.

2. Take your medications at the same time you are doing a regular daily activity, like breakfast, right after a shower, or before bed. So remember to take your medications while engaging in a specific activity may become automatic.

3. Plan ahead for important occasions. if you alter your regular medication routine, such as when you go on vacation or attend a party. If you are going somewhere else, make sure you have the plan to remind yourself to take your medications because you might forget to do so.

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