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Safety Measures for Receiving Flu Shots During Pregnancy

Safety of the Flu Shot During Pregnancy

There has been a lot of misguided information that the flu shot harms pregnancies and even so, this brings confusion about the safety of the flu shot as well. How effective the flu shot is can change from year to year since it has to be made according to the strain of the flu virus of that particular year and the most common as well. Staying healthy becomes your main priority when you are pregnant and the more healthier you are, then the better it is for your baby. There is the main question for many mums-to-be’s about the flu shot and whether it is safe to get when you are pregnant. 

The flu has been known to be dangerous for certain groups of people such as older people, children, infants, and people with particular health conditions but pregnant women are also at a higher risk for severe complications. This is due to the many changes that happen in a pregnant woman’s body and hence, they can be affected by the flu virus quite easily. 


Pregnant women are at a higher risk of getting severe complications when it comes to the flu but getting the flu shot can greatly reduce these risks of being affected by the flu and can protect your baby too. Flu shots have been considered safe for pregnant women and a lot of research has gone in to examine the safety of the flu shot as well. The best time you can get the flu shot can be during the early flu season. You can contact us for an appointment to get your flu shot at ValleyRidge Pharmacy where we will assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the flu shot. 

How Long Do Side Effects of Flu Shot Last?

The best way to avoid the flu, especially during pregnancy, is by getting the flu shot. By getting vaccinated, you are stopping the spread of the flu to others and reducing any such risk as well. Usually, people tend to avoid getting any type of vaccine or even the flu shot since they think that it would make them sick. The flu shot would usually contain a dead or even weakened strain of the flu virus and this is not strong enough to make you sick but there are certain side effects that can take effect on your body. 


These side effects are usually for a short period of time and it is nothing to worry about. It is the best choice to get the flu shot since when you are pregnant, your immune system is not the same as it was before and has changed from how it was before. Your immune system during pregnancy is more vulnerable and can easily be affected, especially by the influenza virus. If it is not treated properly, then there can be severe symptoms for pregnant women since the virus has an effect on the lungs the most. The most common side effects would be,


  • Mild aches and stiffness
  • Feeling sore on the flu shot injection place
  • Mild fever
  • Muscle aches


At ValleryRidge Pharmacy, we offer walk-ins for the flu shot and we have only the most experienced professionals at hand who would guide you in this. You can protect yourself and your baby when you get the flu shot from us and have the right protection during the flu season. 

Why it is Recommended to Get a Flu Shot When Pregnant?

Since your body is adjusting and going through many changes during your pregnancy, you should be getting the necessary vaccinations done and especially the flu shot. There would be changes in your immune system, heart, and lungs during pregnancy which would make you more vulnerable to the flu virus. There are benefits for your baby as well when you get the flu shot and that is that your newborn baby would get antibodies from you which would protect her/him from the flu during the first few months. It does not matter which trimester you are in, you can still get the flu shot and be protected during the flu season. 


When you make time to get your flu shot done during pregnancy, that is the best way to keep your baby safe and even protect yourself against the flu. It is the safest option of getting the flu shot for you, especially before the flu season begins and this lowers the risk of any severe complications that can happen. We provide the best care and safety when it comes to giving the flu shot at VallyRidge Pharmacy and you can walk in to get yours done soon.


If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us and we will be happy to assist you!