Save time and energy by requesting a prescription from our approved Pharmacists for some commonly acquired medical conditions.  Our qualified and certified pharmacists can now write prescription for certain medications.

A Wide Range of Pharmacy Services in Calgary

We provide complete and personalized pharmacy and travel health services under one roof with passion and commitment to each and every one of our clients. You can get all the services you can expect from a big chain drug store and Pharmaceuticals.



Renew or Transfer Prescription

Renew prescriptions, or transfer current prescriptions, with ease! we’ve made it easier for you to manage your health.

      Flu Shots

Every year thousands of people suffer from seasonal flu in Canada. You do not need to worry when you can get the shot! Protect yourselves and your family from influenza, by getting your annual Flu Shot.

Travel Consultation & Vaccinations



Travel plans? Staying healthy while travelling is every traveler’s goal. Whether you travel for business, vacation or visit family and friends, we provide complete analysis and timely advice to help you travel the world with confidence.




Prescription Refills

Refilling your prescriptions are easier than ever at Valley Ridge Pharmacy. We have made available multiple ways to refill according to your own convenience.


Smoking Cessation

We know smoking cigarettes can be addictive and hard to quit. However, the health benefits of quitting are overwhelming. Whether you are a light or heavy smoker our pharmacist can help quit smoking with proper advice and a quit smoking plan.

Compliance Packaging and Compounding

Sometimes it is difficult to memorize the timing of your medications specially if you are taking multiple medications. We can dispense your medications in a compliance package for your convenience.

About Us

Valley Ridge Pharmacy is an independent family owned pharmacy located in the beautiful community of Valley Ridge in Calgary, Alberta. We are proud of serving our community and Calgary for over a decade with passion, care and commitment to service. Your health and well-being are our number one priority.


How Does Smoking Cause COPD?

How Does Smoking Cause COPD?

What is COPD?   Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is known as a serious and progressive respiratory condition which results in restrictions in airflow within the lungs. COPD is considered as a disease which can be preventable and treatable characterized by a persistent limitation of...

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What You Need to Know About Common Allergies

What You Need to Know About Common Allergies

What Happens If You Ignore Allergies? Allergies can be defined as a reaction by your immune system to a foreign substance that it thinks can be harmful. These foreign substances or even allergens can be found in food, the air, or any other material that you may come into contact with. There are a...

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Types of Meningitis

Types of Meningitis

How Does a Person Get Meningitis? Meningitis is a condition where there is an inflammation of the protective membranes which covers the brain and spinal cord. This can be caused by either bacteria or viral infection. This can be life-threatening as it is an inflammation that happens close to the...

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